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The challenge

Do you ever long for meaningful connections? Do you ever feel misunderstood? Do you ever feel lonely? Do you ever wonder how many people feel you at this exact moment? I believe the answer is yes to at least one of the questions. According to a global survey, 33 percent of adults reported feeling lonely in 2021. You may be lonely because you lack friends, are misunderstood, or lack meaningful relationships in your life. As a result, nearly everyone will feel lonely at some point in their lives. In a crowd, among coworkers, or even among your closest friends and relatives, you can feel lonely. Loneliness, on the other hand, can be harmful to your health and well-being if it persists. In fact, young people aged 16 to 24 are more likely than older age groups to report feeling lonely. In addition, many people are unable to convey their true feelings in a thorough and honest manner. This may result in a lack of friends and an inability to find genuine bonds, as well as loneliness and dissatisfaction.

The solution

You are probably wondering what U Feel Me is all about. U Feel Me is a platform that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to match people based on shared feelings and interests, allowing them to express their inner selves and match with like-minded people in a simple, effective, and meaningful manner. Fill out your hobbies, thoughts, and feelings first, and then let our algorithm match you with the people who actually matter. It’s a platform where you can quickly connect with those people, start a community and even participate in activities organized by like-minded individuals. You can limit yourself to one validating conversation, or you can have several. It is entirely up to you. By destroying diversity in order to create inclusivity, U Feel Me combats loneliness while also encouraging happiness. U Feel Me is a website as well as an app that allows people to connect and reveal their true selves through feelings. UFM will begin as a digital platform and brand, such as an app, website, podcast, and YouTube channel, with the goal of eventually also becoming a physical platform. What inspires me to do this? I'd like to address the issues and questions raised above, and I believe U Feel Me is the solution. What about making friends later in life, for example? How come you don't have a feature on most social platforms that allows you to show yourself and connect with others in a non-superficial way? How is it that people between the ages of 16 and 24 can be so lonely? What about the psychological consequences of digitization and globalization? The world is becoming a global village, but is that what everyone wants? Isn't it true that some people simply want to filter it? What about those who feel misunderstood? Alone. And the list goes on and on. I believe that U Feel Me can provide answers to many of my questions while also contributing to a more beautiful society. But U Feel Me does not yet exist, and I am hoping that through participating in the Tilburg University Challenge, I will be able to bring this wonderful idea to great success. Are you a potential investor, coach, or fellow contestant with questions or feedback? Or maybe you just want to strike up a conversation. Send me a message on LinkedIn!

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