We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Social, teamplayer, big plus if they can speak or understand a slavic language.

Team info

Anastasija Bunyak

Ukraine refugees in Brabant/Netherlands


The challenge

As a Dutch Ukrainian, I am very shocked about the war that is going on in the country where all my family and many good friends live. I feel that I have the responsibility to help my people out, not only friends and family, but every Ukrainian that flees from the war. I want to start a non profit organization that can help Ukrainian refugees who arrive in the Netherlands. This can happen by aiding them with the registration process, seeking for a place to stay, helping with school, work, pensions, by organizing fun activities for the kids and also for the adults. Since my grandmother and grandfather moved in with us (they unfortunately fled from Ukraine because of the war), I have realized that having fun is very essential. It makes them feel human again. I want to make the Ukrainian refugees feel human again. I want them to experience the feeling of safety, warmth, wellbeing, enjoyment and excitement. I want to do the thinking for them, so that they can overthink less and start to blossom again.

The solution

To start a non-profit organization that can do the thinking for them and once they are settled it can be a place where they can do fun activities and meet new people. A fruitful center for Ukrainian refugees where they can receive practical help and information, but also where they can find rest, fun and a trustable community where they rely on.

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